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Things You Are Doing Wrong with Your Car

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Many car owners believe with all their might that just because they have been driving vehicles for several years now, they already know the proper ways how to take good care of them. There are still things that most of you are doing wrong, and these need to stop.   

Lafayette, LA car detailing, and other maintenance-related services shared to us the common habits that vehicle owners tend to do that do not actually benefit the car. And here, we are going to share them to you. If you have skipped reading the manufacturer’s manual or you are still a new car owner, all this information will surely help you.   

Driving requires attention and focus because you need to follow all the traffic rules. The same amount of dedication also applies to maintenance and inspection. The following are the habits you need to stop or avoid doing whether in driving or doing maintenance.   

1. Abusing the car’s engine – most people think that once the engine is turned on, they have all the rights to drive like their engine does not have any limitations. Especially those with turbocharged cars, driving gently is never in the dictionary. If you are into beating your vehicle and trying to what extent it can go, bad things can happen and may incur a lot of expenses.   

What to do to ensure you are not being abusive of your engine? First, give it a few minutes to heat before moving the vehicle. This is especially helpful during the winter season. Next, do not overuse braking as it does not just use up gas ineffectively, it also strains the vehicle. And the last, give it some time to cool down before you switch off your engine.   

2. Changing oil, adjusting pressure, and more – you probably have heard people saying that changing the oil and adjusting pressures are good maintenance tips. The thing is, frequent changes and adjustments may be counterproductive. Before you do ritual maintenance that you plan on doing on regular basis, consult the manufacturer’s manual. Not all cars are made the same so that entails every model has specific needs. You might be doing a little more than what is necessary.   

3. Going into the traffic before a road obstruction – a lot of car owners tend to think that just because it is favorable to them, it does not inconvenience others. When you see overhead signs and realize that the lane will close up, do not quickly merge into the open lanes as if you have all the road access. Drive to the obstruction before you merge into the open lanes. In this way, you are not immediately blocking off the available lanes and causing traffic.   

4. Servicing your car on a regular basis – similar to frequent change of oils and adjustments, servicing your car too often may not be that necessary. It is better to refer to the manual and make them fixed when there are issues.   

Although a lot more, the four we mentioned above are the four most prominent habits that car owners need to stop doing.   

We hope you enjoy what you read! 

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